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Empowering Data Intelligence.

Artemis® is our specialist data management capability, composed of a state-of-the art data warehouse and a group of global analytics experts.

Operating for more than a decade, we offer unique Big Data expertise. Our reason for being is to help marketers more effectively optimise campaigns across channels and over time.

We provide results through the creation and use of decision support applications, tailored bidding algorithms, custom retargeting mechanisms and bespoke attribution solutions.



We make things that do stuff.

We’re here to create meaningful, inspiring and non-intrusive connections between people and brands. Through the power of mobile technology, we help users make informed decisions.

It’s not only about solving problems or developing breakthroughs – our work is based on a real commitment to integrity. By making a sustainable difference, great brands become better.

We provide multi-screen strategy and consultancy, user experience and interaction design, cross-device commerce build and management, native application development for any platform, mobile media planning, buying and implementation.

We also manage idea labs and organise events that use collective intelligence to create smart prototypes.

Mobext offices are located in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, UK and US.

Learn more about Mobext at: www.mobext.com



Adexchanges and real time bidding deeply change the way we access all types of media and data in real time. Combining the two can strongly improve the efficiency of the media plans that we manage across all media (Display, Mobile, Video, Radio, OOH, etc.). As audience planning replaces media planning, Affiperf allows real time optimisation and audience targeting for performance and branding purposes.

Affiperf is Havas's global trading desk operating in the programmatic buying area. We offer a global/local solution by selecting and using the most appropriate and efficient technologies, data and media providers for each client in every market.

Our offices in Paris, New York, London, Madrid, Mexico City and Hong Kong operate locally. The Affiperf Factory based in Paris manages campaigns globally for 50+ other countries.



Socialyse harnesses data to analyse human behaviour and measure outcomes.

Social media has changed marketing forever and is increasingly changing how brands do business. Social is complex and cannot be planned in a vacuum. Social Media is just another way for brands to reach people and should never be planned, implemented or evaluated in isolation from other communications activity. The Socialyse team believes that a joined up approach is the only way to get the most from any social media activity.

Social marketing specialists need to understand how social media can work for brands through all their customer touch points. It could be helping a brand to start from scratch or make existing social activities work harder and smarter; whatever the need. It has a broad range of capabilities that operate across paid, earned and owned media spaces.

At Socialyse, we offer a variety of skills and disciplines and our expertise includes: Social Media Strategy, Community Management, Conversation Intelligence, Social Analysis/Insight, Content Creation, Social SEO, Mobile Marketing, Blogger Outreach.



Passionate about Performance

Ecselis is the online performance marketing brand of Havas, with over 320 specialists in 38 markets. Offering channel expertise as well as multi-channel products Ecselis promises to develop your business and your brand.  

Channel expertise

SEO: Based on three core components: relevancy, authority and technical optimization.  

Paid Search: Three pillars unlock the full value of search: Brilliant Basics, Audience Targeting & Personalization, and Technology & Data Integration.

Affiliate Marketing: A wide array of services including affiliate marketing, app downloads, email marketing, lead generation, and retention technology activated through different payment models: CPA, CPD, CPM, CPL and CPA/CPL.

Performance Display: Unique customer acquisition strategies and recommendations to optimize responsiveness, through real-time monitoring, to boost cross-level synergies.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Our structured, step by step approach from data gathering through improved customer theory.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): Our rules-based platform serves ads based on data such as location, weather and audience segment.

Multi-channel performance products

Ecselis also offers many specialized products to help our clients drive their business and optimize ROI in the digital age. By using best-in-class technology platforms and innovative methods, we are able to plan, buy, optimize and analyze integrated performance campaigns for our clients.

Ecselis Performance
Ecselis Traffic in Store
Ecselis Engagement



Specialist integrated agency with a single-minded vision to ‘integrate brands into people’s lives’.

AIS has moved on from the traditional top-down approach to integration, towards something that’s much more relevant to the way brands and products are becoming integral to people’s lives. For us, it's not just about communications, it’s about smart ideas, technologies, widgets and gadgets. Putting brands right where it counts with customers, at the heart of what they’re doing.

Our work includes the world’s first live 3D sports broadcast for O2. Starting a ‘green movement’ for EDF Energy – kicking off with Green Britain Day. Bringing Google’s Street View to interactive life for Expedia customers. The most comprehensive use of Facebook Connect to date with Skoda vRS. And loads more.

With offices in London, New York, Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico City, AIS has a client roster that includes EDF Energy, Škoda, AOL, Pizza Express, Expedia, AHDB, CoppaFeel! and Origin Wines.

Learn more about AIS at: www.aislondon.com





We create meaningful relationships between brands and people through their passions using creativity, media and technology. Whether it is sponsorship, content creation, partnerships, social media, live brand experiences, bespoke or off the shelf, we recommend pioneering engagement solutions to ensure ongoing conversations with brands' current and future fans.

Havas Sports & Entertainment (HS&E) recommends the right solutions for every client to ensure ongoing and meaningful relationships with their fan communities through sponsorship, branded content, social networks and live brand experiences. Every activity is measurable against an agreed return on investment or return on objective(s) and provides real time analysis and insights to measure and optimise performance and opportunities.

HS&E is a team of 550 dynamic and creative individuals working in 20 countries to connect fans and brands through their passions.

Learn more about Havas Sports & Entertainment at: www.havas-se.com



Fueling brands with positive human energy

Ignition is the industry leader in Sustainable Brand Experiences. This agile agency strives to make a positive difference for the people it works with, the brands it represents and for the world we all live in. Driven by its passion and guided by its expertise, Ignition has initiated global standards and tools for executing Sustainable Brand Experiences. Its proprietary Ignition Sustainability Execution Scorecard™ (iSES) is the industry’s only tool for planning, activating and measuring the environmental and social impact of a Sustainable Brand Experience.

Learn more about Ignition at: www.ignition-inc.com



Havas Hospitality connects brands to peoples' daily lives and passions, allowing businesses to deliver a unique brand experience to their target audience, via exclusive public relations and hospitality events in the world of culture and sports.

Official Agency to Roland-Garros (the French Open) and the Stade de France, Havas Hospitality is among the elite of Hospitality agencies in France.

The team of professionals, specialists in the corporate hospitality field, is headed up by Vincent Paolini and Carolyn Barthes, who have more than 20 years experience in event management and who have operated official programmes for corporate clients and sponsors at all global sports events such as the Olympic Games and the Rugby and the Football World Cups.

Learn more about Havas Hospitality at: www.havas-hospitality.com/en



Cake is an ideas company that helps brands become part of peoples' lives. We call it ideas incorporated. We express it through PR, social media and experiential marketing.

Cake is 60 people based in London, Paris and New York, with diverse backgrounds from music to advertising to PR to talent management. Clients include British Airways, Sky, Orange, Sony, Carling and IKEA.

Learn more about Cake at: www.cakegroup.com