“Vienna.Life.Insurance” campaign – content built on social insights

2016-02-16 15:18

Vienna Life Insurance Group has celebrated its first birthday on the 1st October, 2015. Following last year’s brand introductory “Hello!” campaign and the “Loving an insurance company?” reminder campaign, now a new chapter was developed for brand building purposes that was launched early October with the “Vienna.Life.Insurance” slogan. The main goal of the 2 month long campaign was to increase brand awareness and to clarify position, besides indirectly acquire business using online lead-generation, meaning the development of a new customer database.

TV is a must for awareness generation though there was no traditional TVC material available and an important goal was to get the brand closer to people and also to support a complex message – to show that the desired “Viennese lifestyle” what is traditionally considered in Hungary such as very balanced, predictable, calm but still sexy and to offer a lot – such something with a touch of “the WEST” dating back from the socialist decades- is also available for Hungarians once they choose the services of Vienna Life Insurance.

We selected four aspects of this desirable Viennese zeitgeist – music, gastronomy, art and sports. We created a special content solution in TV around these topics – a series of “mini programs” – 50 second little movies, in which 4 well-known people told their own personal famous stories about the city of Vienna: András Jókuti gastro blogger, Bori Keszei opera singer, Viktor Tokaji professional ice-hockey player and Dávid Ráday from HelloWood! design group.

These themes were supported on facebook with many related posts, while in November the mini program movies themselves also went online. Apart from this, Vienna Life also launched its own online game, where people could share their own most interesting stories about the city of Vienna – building on the insight that for Hungarians it is very common to go to Vienna, even in the late socialist times as the only close gateway to the west, so everyone having a personal Viennese story of importance – the most outstanding one was rewarded with a weekend trip to the city.







In addition, using 7 selected cable channels with high affinity, they appeared with sponsor spots more than 4000 times over 2 months before and after shows that are viewed by the target group. These messages were tailored specifically to the nature of these programs.

Example: special thematic sponsorship billboard: “The big bang theory”



Example: special thematic sponsorship billboard: “The walking dead”



Besides, 350 outdoor surfaces and leading economic and lifestyle portals advertised the message too.

For you too! Insurance for everyone

During the campaign period, alongside raising awareness another important goal was to develop a new customer database that supports business acquisition. For this reason Vienna Life launched the For you too! campaign, offering life insurance for 1 year free of charge. The grand idea behind the campaign was to encourage people not to only think of themselves when they buy life insurance, but to consider the most important people in their lives as well. With the help of the campaign now they have the chance to give this free life insurance product as a present to the most valued people in their lives. The receiver could be anyone: a family member, a friend, a neighbor, the boss, the postman or the hairdresser. There are no hidden tricks, with only a few clicks anyone could send free life insurance as a present and could choose from “funny” messages to send it alongside.

The insight behind is to educate the population about the importance of long-term self-care investment on what the awareness is lagging far behind western cultures.

The campaign was supported with high-scale digital ad presence with programmatic display for high reach, special display for eye-catching solutions for standing out and search & social.

Within 2 months 9320 new free insurances were registered and few dozens of own stories were also shared.

Website visits showed a 250% increase, and facebook page followers reached 14 thousand.

Apart from making this really successful campaign highlighting the company’s great social responsible reflection, it is also outstanding that we gained 55% aided awareness in our target group after finishing the first year of operations after the rebranding – explains Andrea Horváth, Head of Communications at Vienna Life Insurance, Hungary.

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