Omnia Espresso Balcony Concerts

2016-10-19 12:19

This week Omnia Espresso launched its Balcony Concert series: for two weeks the public will meet every weekday morning with vivid and energetic wake-up music by the Mongooz and the Magnet, the Pankastic and the Mörk bands right from the balconies – the insparation came from the intense flavored, Italian styled Omnia Espresso coffee. Next time is worth to listen up at 8.30 around the Oktogon, Madách tér and Széll Kálmán tér; next week at Deák tér, Váci utca, Bazilika, Király utca and Vörösmarty tér.


The Mongooz and the Magnet started the first balcony concert on Monday and the sleepy eyes disappeared as the band started to play the joyful and fresh music at Egyetem tér – the unprompted audience obviously warmly welcomed this unconvetional concert experience.

The campaign was created and developed by Havas Media’s Branded Entertainment Division specially for the Italian roasted Omnia Espresso coffee – the aim was to spice up the gray mornings not just with a good espresso but with spirited and cool music which presents the people with power for the whole day.


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