The new Omnia Espresso has arrived

2016-06-13 08:54

The launch campaign of Omnia Espresso, the new product of Jacobs Douwe Egberts HU Zrt. has started on the 1st June, 2016. The main goal of the campaign is to introduce the new product to the consumers.
The new Omnia Espresso is an aromatic and full-bodied coffee with the selection of high quality coffee beans. The new product is recommended those gourmet consumers, who prefer the intense and spicy aromatic flavors of an invigorating coffee paired with the high quality standards of Omnia.


In order to achieve the goal the most suitable appearance is TV spot, however the launch is strengthened by outdoor, digital and special TV appearances as well.
In case of television, in addition to the traditional spot, the campaign utilizes special TV solutions too. Sponsor messages appear on 5 cable channels more than 1150 times surrounding the most popular shows and premium films preferred by the target group. These messages are tailored specifically to the nature of these programs. TV is complemented by a digital campaign including in-banner and preroll online video appearances. At the same time exciting games await people visiting the Facebook page of Omnia.

Considering the outdoor, beside nationwide citylight and DLP surfaces, the campaign is also diversified in Budapest with tram branding of Line 1, Line 4/6 and a construction net surface at Blaha Lujza square. Additionally unique and special audible citylights evoke the authentic Italian atmosphere for pedestrians at a few locations in the city. Those who would also like to taste the new Italian roasted Omnia Espresso with intensive aroma, they will have the opportunity at large-scale tasting in stores.

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