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Havas Group delivers the first fully transparent client facing programmatic solution

2017-06-12 08:16

Havas Group announces the launch of a game-changing programmatic solution that gives clients complete visibility and control over their campaigns: Client Trading Solution (CTS). CTS is a client facing, fully transparent control tower displaying all programmatic trading, allowing clients to track and monitor their programmatic buying in one place.

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Launching Jacobs, the magic aroma

2017-03-09 09:02

In November 2016 Jacobs Douwe Egberts HU Zrt. started its comprehensive communication with the main goal of refreshing Jacobs brand and increase the awareness of its products. The integrated campaign with „Dream with your eyes open” slogan was communicated via traditional TV spot appearances and strengthened by outdoor, digital, print and special TV solutions as well.

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Omnia Espresso Balcony Concerts

2016-10-19 12:19

This week Omnia Espresso launched its Balcony Concert series: for two weeks the public will meet every weekday morning with vivid and energetic wake-up music by the Mongooz and the Magnet, the Pankastic and the Mörk bands right from the balconies – the insparation came from the intense flavored, Italian styled Omnia Espresso coffee.

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The New Merci Tablets Have Arrived

2016-10-19 12:02

The merci tablet campaign launched on 26th September, introducing merci’s new range of exceptionally fine tablet chocolates to the customers.

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The new Omnia Espresso has arrived

2016-06-13 08:54

The launch campaign of Omnia Espresso, the new product of Jacobs Douwe Egberts HU Zrt. has started on the 1st June, 2016. The main goal of the campaign is to introduce the new product to the consumers.

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Havas Media at the Sport Marketing Meetup in Budapest - May, 2016

2016-05-19 08:02

Different types of football fans were introduced by László Nagy, Head of Content at Havas Media. He described the attitudes based on 8 major attributes examined in the global Havas study ‘Fans, Passions and Brands’.  6 different types of fans were categorised on the basis of their media consumption, brand recognition and other passions: the Explore, the Conoisseur, the Guardian, the Patriot, the Follower and the Observer. The real value of getting to know these profiles lies in the information through what communication strategies can be defined for these different target groups.

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Havas Media at Médiapiac conference – April 2016, Eger

2016-05-19 07:55

Building meaningful brands at the core – carrying an even larger importance for women over 40. The global study on this topic was presented by Barbara Somoskői, Head of Front Office, Havas Media Hungary. The research reflects the attitudes, the consumer and media consumption habits, challenges and meaningful attributes in the lives of female over the age of forty.

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“Vienna.Life.Insurance” campaign – content built on social insights

2016-02-16 15:18

Vienna Life Insurance Group has celebrated its first birthday on the 1st October, 2015. Following last year’s brand introductory “Hello!” campaign and the “Loving an insurance company?” reminder campaign, now a new chapter was developed for brand building purposes that was launched early October with the “Vienna.Life.Insurance” slogan. The main goal of the 2 month long campaign was to increase brand awareness and to clarify position, besides indirectly acquire business using online lead-generation, meaning the development of a new customer database.

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Havas Luxhub presents - The luxury customer journey

2015-10-02 09:39

LuxHub, a strategic consulting practice of Havas, revealed its first global research, The Luxury Customer Journey (LCJ). The study was conducted in 8 markets with over 6,400 consumers and 25 brands, aiming to unveil and highlight the most significant differences in the behaviour and expectations of the modern luxury consumer in key European markets (Spain, France, Italy and Germany) and also in the US, Middle East and China.  

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Havas Media built a picnic site in the Mátra hills

2015-06-03 08:27

Havas Media was the first team that helped implementing the first phase of the charity team building program as a public service in the Mátra.

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