Integrated Offering


Our proposition is to provide clients with senior, joined up and strategic leadership, ensuring brilliant delivery and execution in every channel – both traditional and emerging. Our structure reflects the changing needs of our clients, covering not just paid media but owned and earned channels, creative development and site experience.




For both direct response and brand-building, we provide sophisticated and effective media planning and buying across all digital channels, including display, video, mobile and social.

With our media planning and buying programs, you can count on professional expertise, strategic insight, strategic process and the number-crunching and mining power of Artemis®, Havas Media’s global data management platform. This combination of unique capabilities enables our clients to efficiently reach customers, maximize the return on communication investment and deliver actionable insights.




In today’s world, audiences will simply tune out if your message is not compelling, engaging and timely. That’s why, in addition to our media and analytics, we offer creative content development services tailored to each client’s needs.




Creating everything from TV shows and spot ads to sponsor boards and online content, we deliver top quality content and integrated product placement, customised to each client’s objectives, strategy and media buy.




With digital display advertising, you can generate reach and frequency quickly and affordably. We create award-winning digital display advertising to build brands, enhance relationship marketing, generate new leads and increase sales.

With the dramatic improvements in broadband speeds, technology and innovation, our digital display advertising offers high impact and unrivaled targeting. This makes it an attractive alternative to other brand channels.




In the digital direct response realm, our direct team has more than two decades of experience developing and managing creative and media campaigns. We create integrated direct response solutions that optimise results across all consumer touch points. Among our direct response capabilities are creative development, media planning and buying, telemarketing, fulfillment and data management. With our proprietary database system, we manage planning, rating, buying and response data to provide the best pricing, planning and tracking.




Our search engine marketing capabilities are driven by sophisticated search engine optimisation and pay-per-click practices.





In today’s fast-changing world, search engine optimisation (SEO) no longer happens solely on the web. An effective SEO campaign also needs to incorporate social media, online PR, video search, image search, local search, product search and reputation management — on such devices as PCs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and more.

As organic search results are the leading source of traffic for new customers in key industry categories, SEO is incredibly cost-effective when compared to other online marketing approaches.

To help you achieve the best performance from organic search, we offer a tailored approach that includes:

  • Full service, tailored SEO campaigns
  • Link building
  • Consultancy
  • Reputation management
  • Copy writing
  • Custom development of web applications and widgets
  • Current performance audits
  • Content development and viral marketing


Vital in any digital marketing and media plan, pay-per-click (PPC) is a balance of art and science. It needs to be managed as part of an integrated channel strategy, which is why our PPC team includes integrated specialists that apply innovative off- and onsite optimisation best practices.

Offsite, we look at external variables that affect search volumes and conversions, how other channels affect PPC performance and the optimal account structure that best suits business needs. We practice constant optimisation to improve Quality Score and apply best-in-class attribution through Artemis®. We will also advise on the bid technology that best fits your business needs.

Onsite, we look at your web analytics data to inform optimisation, as well as your website’s usability; recommending multivariate and landing page testing to improve conversion rates and Quality Score.

At Havas Media, we have a proven track record of successfully meeting our clients’ unique PPC needs and goals — from large volume direct response search accounts such as Fidelity Investments to national branding campaigns that drive local results like AutoZone.

The result is a highly focused and effective pay-per-click practice that builds brands and sales.




Social media has changed the rules of engagement among brands and consumers. Consumers are looking for value-based relationships that go beyond the one-way communications of the past. The brands that are able to engage in ongoing digital dialogs build a loyal audience that generates customers who also become brand advocates.

With a breadth of social media experience, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what makes a successful social media campaign.

First and foremost, successful social media is built off of thorough, insightful strategies. That’s why we research exactly what consumers need from a brand, then create a tailored social media strategy. With it, we build a brand story and social media presence that initiates conversation, enables the sharing of content and mobilises audiences.

Because social media can’t be planned in a silo, we develop social strategies that go beyond channels and platforms. Working with our SEO, mobile and content experts, we create broad-based, consumer-centric solutions rooted in solid insights from our strategy and insights team.

Our social media programs, which are fine-tuned regularly with real-time measurement and refinement, can include:

  • Social public relations
  • CRM
  • Reputation management
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Media
  • Social SEO
  • Social mobile


Mobile is the medium that’s always on, always in the right place and always commanding your audience’s attention. In fact, mobile has the largest population reach of all media.

Partnering with award-winning Mobext

To provide award-winning, audience-building mobile campaigns, we partner with Mobext, Havas Media Group's mobile agency with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, UK and US

Mobext is an industry pioneer that has established strong, long-lasting relationships with all major mobile manufacturers and suppliers. Mobext has a successful track record in:

  • Mobile internet
  • Proximity marketing
  • Gaming
  • Messaging
  • Content downloading
  • Interactivity

Complete mobile solutions

Together with Mobext, we provide solutions that include research and insight, analytics, strategic development, content creation, media planning and buying, app and game development and mobile activation.

Since mobile is one of many channels consumers rely on, we incorporate mobile programs into broader multi-media campaigns, then analyse the interplay and correlation among the audience’s use of mobile, web, social, TV, print and other channels.

Working with Mobext, the Artemis team and other Havas agencies, Havas Media provides an award-winning, comprehensive solution that builds brand awareness, loyalty and sales.




Better media strategies, creative development and execution are all built off of better data analytics.

The digital marketplace generates huge amounts of timely, accurate and attributable data. The ability to capture, manipulate and understand this data is vital to craft, target and refine campaigns that build brands and generate sales.

With a blend of sophisticated proprietary technology and really smart people, we:

  • Deliver sophisticated campaign strategies, performance management and optimisation.
  • Optimise conversions on client websites through analysis of visitor behaviour.
  • Capture and mine voluminous amounts of data to discover key insights and strategies.
  • Revise campaigns in real-time based on actual results.

With clients ranging from Nationwide and National Express to BMI and Camelot, our team performs in-depth analysis that takes clients beyond basic reporting. Our analysts manipulate large amounts of data (from customers, campaigns, sites, cookies, etc.) to find answers to our client’s business questions, add value to what we do or simply report how activity is performing.

The number-crunching power of Artemis®

Fueling this comprehensive level of analytics and insight is Artemis®, Havas Media's global data management network with built-in analytical capability. It can process more than half a billion events each day with 100+ terabytes of stored data. This enables us to provide:

  • On-demand analysis
  • Acquisition sizing and modelling
  • Engagement scoring
  • Creative testing
  • Attribution modelling
  • Media mix modelling
  • Landing page testing
  • Social listening


In addition to our focus on cost efficiency, we are committed to creating value in television buying through a combination of proprietary tools and technology and through deeper activation and engagement. At Havas Media, we leverage insights and learning across the agency, and we emphasise a tailored buying approach to your specific client needs, taking each client to market separately in order to ensure each client receives their due value.




At Havas Media, we customise all print buying processes to individual client needs, keeping the process within the client team, but sharing best practices across the agency.

With an evolving marketplace, we frame our negotiations and collaborate across publishing disciplines to ensure that all dollars invested within publishing benefit the pricing overall. The goal of every construct is to create flexibility and fluidity.

Havas Media looks at a variety of quantitative and qualitative elements across print, digital and mobile to develop aggregated scores that help drive negotiations and ascertain best rates for clients. We work with a proprietary process that aids us in the negotiation process by marrying data and weighing it according to the client’s objectives. It provides the negotiator with each publishers “score” in meeting the defined criteria giving us leverage to define strengths and weaknesses relative to cost.




Havas Media has a dedicated radio team of experts with a vast amount of industry experience. We pride ourselves on being leaders in both traditional national radio, as well as the continuously evolving digital radio marketplace. Our team has a very strategic approach to the core responsibilities of negotiating and managing radio campaigns. We work collectively with clients, planning teams and other mediums to ensure we execute a cohesive buy that delivers the appropriate target, provides efficiencies and goes above and beyond in securing integrations that build and enhance our clients' brands.




When it comes to strategy, no channel lives in a silo, especially when you consider that digital and traditional media are more intertwined than ever before.

That’s why we create broad-based strategies and insights that connect our clients’ digital campaigns to their other marketing and media investments, which enables them to manage their overall marketing programs holistically.

To build effective, media-agnostic strategies and insights, we get to know our clients’ businesses as well as they do. We help them set goals, analyse consumer behaviour and develop communications plans.

These integrated, overarching strategies, developed in tandem with our clients, become the foundation for digital campaigns, offline programs and other components in a communications plan. We then measure results of these strategies and insights and adjust programs accordingly.

With our integrated strategies and insights, we build effective campaigns and programs that drive digital and all other channels.


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These teams are responsible for the strategic decisions made on behalf of each client. As stewards of the account, they are the client’s most direct point of contact and are responsible for making sure a client’s needs are met, from a management and media perspective. Planning teams are also the key contacts between Havas Media and creative agency partners and participate fully in those areas of strategic development that are shared between the organisations, particularly consumer analysis, targeting and messaging strategy.


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The team of strategists drive Havas Media’s proprietary working process, uncovering, addressing and solving key challenges at hand. At Havas Media we believe that communication strategy is an integral part of a brand’s business model, recognising that creative communications solutions act as a multiplier for marketing communications results. Therefore, we implement a unique planning approach that addresses the core business issues of your brand in key areas: Market, Brand, Consumer, Message and Media.


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At Havas Media, we think of our clients’ media and communications budget as an investment and an engine for business growth.

Our arsenal of tools provides decision support throughout the media planning and buying process.

Real-time analysis of media results that incorporates brand/ad tracking, digital metrics and brand sales, allows Havas Media to accurately measure marketing/communication impacts. Our proprietary approach to econometric modelling helps to close the loop so that we can continually optimise and improve communications execution. This ability to accurately diagnose the effects of marketing investment is yet another key pillar in Havas Media's unique offering.

Havas Media’s research team is filled with strategic analysts from diverse backgrounds. Utilising techniques from the fields of brand and media research, consumer exploration, probability and statistics, operations research, artificial intelligence and econometrics, they uncover the real effects of our clients’ advertising.


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Buying teams are responsible for negotiation and managing all buys. However, at Havas Media, their role is much more hands-on than simply executional. Given the dynamics of today’s marketplace, our teams are trained to make strategic communications choices on a daily basis. For this reason, we ensure that buyers are as immersed in the underlying strategies of their client’s businesses as the planning teams.


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Havas Media has a dedicated resource of experts in the OOH media and experiential industry. Our team builds innovative non-traditional communication solutions at the intersection of brand and consumer lifestyle, including OOH media, experiential, sports and entertainment marketing and in-store. Recognising the expanding landscape and significant growth of place-based media and OOH, Havas Media also focuses on engaging consumers through place-based/on-site media, event marketing, sponsorships, media creation and consulting/project management. Working with our OOH buying team, our clients receive the benefits of known industry leaders working on their business, as well as the leverage and efficiencies of consolidated buying clout.




Havas Media International (HMI) specialises in managing media communications for clients with international coordination and consolidation needs. HMI provides centralised international media management and pan-regional media expertise services to Havas Media's global clients from its four main specialist hubs – Paris, UK, Miami and Madrid – each with its own expert client management teams. These teams are specialists in central strategy development through to local activation.

HMI has over 75 international media experts from more than 12 different nationalities, and currently manages 90+ international accounts. HMI is within the top three buyers of pan-regional media and RECMA ranks it best for global coordination.